ATEB Recognition Awards 2024

Celebrate Achievement

Welcome to Making a Difference, ATEB’s annual recognition programme.

In Treasury departments across Belgium, there are talented, hard-working dedicated staff who every day try to do the best they can.  The ATEB Board think that now is the time to shine a spotlight on your colleagues’ work and everyday excellence. With these awards you have the possibility to publicly recognise each other for contributions that matter.

This program has been designed so that everyone can recognise one another to help our organisations celebrate and acknowledge the daily contributions that make a difference.

Previous years saw awards presented to companies such as Equans, NATO, Borealis, ETEX, IKEA, Remy Cointreau, DEME Group, Puratos, Tenneco and JCI & Deloitte for their significant achievements. Read about 2020 winners, 2021 winners, 2022 winners and 2023 winner. We look forward to showcasing more high quality submissions in 2024.

Recognise someone today!

Recognition Guidelines

You can propose a person or a team for the award by simply submitting a written application specifying what behaviour, effort or result you want to recognise.  Describe the impact to you, the team and / or company.  The best applications will personalise the recognition, express appreciation and celebrate your colleagues’ efforts.  You can recognise someone from your organisation or someone from a different organisation.

The ATEB board will review all submissions and determine which ones will receive an ATEB Making a Difference Award.

Remember what gets recognised, gets repeated!

Closing Date

Your entry for the 2024 award must be submitted no later than 15th November.

Nominations are now open!