Detail Program Treasury Summit 8th of November

14.15 - 15.40 PLENARY SESSION
Digital Treasury, Treasury Transformation, RPA, API, AI... numerous terms and acronyms float around, but what do they mean? And more importantly: what are the opportunities for our corporate treasury environment? Many treasurers struggle to answer those questions, not knowing where to start, if the time is right and whether the business case for a change is strong enough. At the same time, more and more practical uses of next generation technology come to the surface. In this plenary session, a number of ATEB members will share their views on the changing world of treasury, which initiatives they have started, and how this evolution has impacted them and their company.

Moderated by Ben Poole, an established freelance writer and editor, specialising in corporate treasury and transaction banking. Prior to this, he was Editor at gtnews for a number of years, where he wrote about treasury issues, liaised with senior treasurers to develop content for the company's live events, and moderated a variety of external events. Poole has a BA (Hons) in American Studies from the University of Leicester.

Participants: Séverinne Le Blévennec from Honeywell, Christophe Widart from Nexans, Michael Aandahl from Ikea, Karen Van den Driessche from Avnet, Mario Del Natale from Johnson Controls.
 15.40 - 16.00 COFFEE BREAK 
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Blockchain application for the Treasurer. - Industry is currently witnessing a digital revolution with exponential technologies creating new opportunities to alter value chains and customer experiences. One of these technologies is Blockchain which facilitates the exchange of value through a shared, replicated and distributed ledger. In this session we will explore Blockchain’s ability to impact the Treasury function through use cases like KYC, trade finance and cross border settlements.

Speaker: Cillian Leonowicz, Deloitte
The treasurers role will continue to evolve with increasing expectations from the board and CFO to provide financial leadership but also lead and evolve at an exponential pace – adjusting to and driving digital opportunities. Digital transformation will disrupt treasury and reshape the function as we know it today. Digital technology drives further automation, shifts analytical insights to foresights, solves traditional challenges allowing treasury to focus on business and digital strategies while driving improved financial performance for the organization.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a disruptive technology that allows organizations to automate business processes in a controlled, flexible and scalable way. Slowly but surely robotics is entering the Treasury world, allowing Treasury departments to improve efficiency, while freeing up capacity for focus on analytics and new treasury business models. Benefits of implementing RPA in both core operations and support functions can drive revenue increase, cost reduction or cost avoidance.

As an industry and technology expert, Deloitte understands the need of their customers to move their scarce resources from repetitive work to high value-added tasks. Our Process Automation and Treasury experts help organizations get the most out of their process automation and help to take the robot out of their employees.

In this session we will demonstrate few of the use cases and discuss our approach to robotics implementation in Treasury

Speakers: Valentin Giffroid, Deloitte and Laurent Loncheval, Deloitte

Digital Trends, their expected impacts and an approach for managing them. Deep dive into the key trends and what will be their expected impact on the cash management processes in the Corporate Treasury Environment. How is the bank preparing for this and how do they advise the Corporate Treasurer to prepare and take competitive advantage of these trends.

Speaker: Geert Matthys, Head of Digital Product Development at Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking

Blockchain has been hyped as a great disruptive force in the financial sector. We are sometimes led to believe that there is not a single problem for which blockchain is not the ideal solution. But what is the reality behind the hype? In this session, we discuss the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of blockchain. Where did it begin, and where is it going in the future? Armed with this fundamental knowledge, we are much better able to distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly. Subsequently, we discuss a number of practical cases, in the areas of trade finance and collateral lending.

Speaker: Teunis Brosens, ING Global Markets Research

Doron Reuter, Head of Business Development for ING Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics will share ING’s experiences in creating value with Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in a corporate B2B context. He will share his views on how to create value with data and by initiating projects & partnerships in order to ensure the development of data driven algorithmic products, both for employees and clients.

Speaker: Doron Reuter, Head of Business Development, ING Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics

“Cashforce is a ‘next-generation’ Cash Forecasting & Treasury Management System, focused on analytics, automation and integration. Cashforce connects the Treasury department with other finance / business departments by offering full transparency into its cash flow drivers, accurate & automated cash flow forecasting and treasury reporting. Staples has implemented Cashforce into its organisation, as it was originally seeking for a performant and reliable cash forecasting system. Besides being a P/L focused organisation, Staples’s intention was also to become a cash focused organisation. Along the way, Staples also uses Cashforce in order to perform business analyses, assess credit collection processes, …

Nicholas Christiaen, Co-founder and CEO of Cashforce
Raf Monnens, Head of Treasury Europe Staples
Guy Rampen, Product Advisory Global Channels- Cash Management BNP Paribas,  a platform built on blockchain technology,  created together with 8 other European banks to support companies in growing their business in a trusted and digital way aims to simplify trade finance processes for companies by addressing the challenge of managing, tracking and securing domestic and international trade transactions. This solution makes use of smart contracts to automate the payment and to improve transparency for open account trade transactions and offers companies an easy access to risk mitigation and working capital solutions.

Speaker: Chantal Van Haute, Business Development and Innovation Manager Trade Finance at KBC

How can analytics help us in the FX hedging proces?.

Speaker: to be confirmed

Blockchain for Treasury applications – Cross Border payments - Will Central Bank Digital Currencies be the answer to achieve the efficiencies long discussed. The session will explore the drivers for change, the expected benefits and will offer a comparison of potential target-state models using DLT technology and central bank digital currencies. 

Speakers: Craig Ramsey, Global Innovation Lead for Global Liquidity and Cash Management at HSBC