Your membership is a personal one


Rights and duties of an ATEB member

Basic rules regarding your ATEB membership Your membership is a personal one which means that you do not represent your company but just yourself, even if your company paid your membership fee on your behalf ; this has a number of consequences on your behaviour as an ATEB member.

Firstly, you should never quote another member outside the ATEB meetings ( like “I have heard that Olivier said that at Volkswagen things are done like that”……). You may say that you have learned that things can be organized like this or like that in other companies of course….

As you are there as a person and not as a representative of your company, you have no reporting duty towards your boss or your company. This is very important because it enables us all to talk to each other in complete confidence. The very modest amount of membership fee (200€ a year) should enable you to pay it on your own should you whish to feel completely free from reporting.

Furthermore, should you leave the company you are working for, you are entitled to stay an ATEB member for the rest of the year until you have found another job (unless of course you have lost your job because of wrongdoings in which case we will suspend your membership until there is legal clarity in the situation). Depending on the new job you found, you will be entitled to stay a member or not: imagine that you become a banker or a sales person you will not anymore be granted membership. This is an internal rule : you can only join ATEB if you are working in the finance or treasury department of a corporate.

Needless to say that your UserId and Password are given to you personally and that you should not give them to anybody else under no circumstances.

Last but not least you should not disseminate information which is in the member’s only section the ATEB web site , like presentations that have been done at ATEB meetings (unless you get the express agreement of the owner of the presentation), as well as member’s details. It is of course very difficult to trace but we will do our best to track these behaviours, because they potentially threaten the mutual confidence between ATEB and it’s partners and between ATEB members.

Thanks a lot for respecting those guidelines and best regards

Karen Chairwomen