General Assembly 2019

ATEB Summit
February 15, 2019
Treasury structures in Belgium vs other competitors countries – 25th October
July 30, 2018

The Board of ATEB has the pleasure to invite you as member of ATEB, to attend the Annual General Assembly which will take place on April 25th2019 and which will be preceded by a Treasury Snapshot.

The main agenda point of our General Assembly this year concerns the opening up of ATEB membership to non-corporate treasury professionals.

Taking into account the evolving treasury profession landscape and potential benefits to be gained from interacting more across different parties the ATEB Board is proposing to open up membership to non-corporate treasury professionals which are part of the Treasury business chain, such as banks, system vendors, consultants …

While opening up the membership to other professionals we will continue to ensure that the founding principles, “Encourage the exchange of information, business practices and experiences amongst its members in true confidence and with integrity” and “Create and promote Belgian Treasury standards of professional ethics and best practice among treasury professionals” remain.

We will continue to organize sessions that are exclusive to treasury professionals employed in a corporate environment while also ensuring that there are sufficient all member events.

We encourage you to provide any feedback you have and / or join the General Assembly to vote on these changes.

In case you can’t attend the General Assembly, please provide us by email ( the Power of Attorney which you can download here!


15.15-16.00: Registration and welcome

16.00- 17.00: ATEB Treasury Snapshot hosting Jérôme Miara, Treasury Director at Tenneco.

The ATEB Treasury Snapshot Events are a series of members-only sessions, in which corporate treasurers provide an insight into their company’s treasury operations. In this next session, Jérôme Miara, Treasury Director at Tenneco, will speak about their treasury rationalization journey, which involved an outsourcing of the group’s In House Bank treasury operations. Justin Callaghan from outsourcing company FTI Treasury will present on this session together with Jérôme. Tenneco is a Fortune 500 company, active in the automotive sector, with an annual turnover of approximately $12 billion.

17.00- 18.00: ATEB General Assembly

         Agenda points of the General Assembly:

  1. 2018 Activity Report and 2019 Program
  2. Approval of the annual accounts for 2018 and budget 2019
  3. Discharge of the Board Members for the financial year 2018
  4. Approval of membership fees for 2019
  5. Directors’ mandates
  6. Opening up of ATEB membership to non-corporate treasury professionals
  7. Changes in the Statutes of ATEB.

18.00-20.00: Networking Cocktail


Parker Hotel Brussels Airport
Bessenveldstraat 15, 1831 Diegem