Treasury Best Practices | CFO TOP by CFO Magazine

April 25, 2018
ATEB Summit
February 15, 2019

Contentinspirationnetworking.  That is what the CFO Top is all about.

What strategic and tactical decisions did your fellow CFOs take in recent years? And, more importantly, what choices will they have to make in the coming years? Take a look at the program to find which of your peers can inspire you with his or her testimonial.

Besides testimonials of peers, we have some experts on topics you as CFO should be considering. RPA, blockchain, digitization, … the world of tomorrow approaches quite rapidly and you have to be ready. Get inspired and prepare yourself for the future!

But this year, not only CFO’s will get their time in the spotlights. We devoted two whole tracks to Controllers and Treasurers. Why? Because not only the CFO has to be ready for the future – his direct reports must also know what to expect and anticipate …

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